Duuw has challenging jobs on a permanent or temporary basis for Support, Legal, Finance and Executive roles.

Amsterdam 36-40 hours p.w. 32.4k - 38.9k

Team Assistant

As a Team Assistant notary, you will be the hub of notarial transactions and ensure streamlined administration and filing.
Amsterdam / Remote 32-40 hours p.w. 36.3k - 46.7k

HR Officer

As HR Officer, you will watch over administrative processes, manage sick leave and maintain relationships with employees and external parties.
Amsterdam / Remote 32-40 hours p.w. 35k - 55k

Financial Talent

A position in financial services where your attitude is more important than your experience.
Amsterdam 32-40 hours p.w. 29.8k - 40.8k

Junior Team Assistent

Use your experience and organisational skills to take the Real Estate, Construction and Environmental Law team to the next level.
Amsterdam / Remote 36-40 hours p.w.

Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager, you will create strategic B2B campaigns for the Netherlands, Benelux and Nordics in a dynamic, international environment.
Amsterdam / Remote 32-40 hours p.w.

Marketing Executive

Support strategic communications, implement marketing initiatives and promote client experience in a diverse and inclusive environment!
Rotterdam / Remote 32-40 hours p.w.

Claims Handler

As a Claims Handler, you will combine empathy and legal expertise to independently and as part of a team, resolve personal injury cases for insured companies.
Rotterdam / Remote 32-40 hours p.w.

Underwriter Liability

Put your expertise to use as a Professional Liability Acceptor: work with brokers, develop relationships and focus on profitable Design & Construct insurance.
Amsterdam 32-40 hours p.w. 33.5k - 43.2k

Notary Secretary

As notarial secretary, you will work with (prospective) notaries, manage legal documents and contribute to a smooth notarial process.
Amstelveen / Remote 32-40 hours p.w.

Allround Pension Service Employee

As Allround Pension Service Employee, you will ensure excellent communication, pension administration and process improvement with LEAN expertise.
Rotterdam / Remote 32-40 hours p.w.

Credit Controller

Become the Credit Controller who excels at building relationships, efficient premium collection and excellent communication with customers and colleagues.
Rotterdam 32-40 hours p.w.

International Medior/Senior Underwriter Property

In this role, you will assess risks, set premiums and contribute to our client's professional, service-oriented image in the market.
Amstelveen 40 hours p.w.

Internal Account Manager Pensions

Become an Internal Account Manager Pensions and use your knowledge of pensions and annuity products to provide optimal support to clients during their benefit phase.
Amsterdam 32-40 hours p.w. 36.3k - 52.4k

Legal Secretary Dispute Resolution

As Legal Secretary Dispute Resolution, you will support lawyers with documentation, correspondence, calendar management and billing.
Amsterdam 16 hours p.w. 30k - 36k

Receptionist - Telephonist

As a receptionist-telephonist, you are the organisation's business card. Escort clients, manage reservations, connect phone calls and arrange mail and more.
Amsterdam 32-40 hours p.w. 28k - 32k

Junior Management Assistant

Start your career as a Junior Management Assistant! Put your MBO-4 skills into practice at an international organisation in business services.
Amsterdam 32-40 hours p.w. 33.6k - 43.2k

Float Team Assistant

As a Float Team Assistant, you shift gears quickly, have a proactive attitude and work as a floating support for various practice groups.
Amsterdam 32-40 hours p.w. 30k - 45k

Legal Assistant Notary Corporate Law

As Legal Assistant Notary Corporate Law, you will manage correspondence, diaries and files within an ambitious team.
Amsterdam 32-40 hours p.w. ~45.6k

Project Assistant

As a Project Assistant in a dynamic, international environment, you will support partners and manage projects within a professional and driven team.
Amsterdam 32-40 hours p.w. 26k - 39k

Service Team Employee

Become a Service Team Employee at an innovative patent and trademark agency and join the passionate IPS team in a challenging and creative work environment!
Rotterdam 24 hours p.w. 31k - 36k

Juridisch Secretaresse Privacy

Rotterdam / Remote 32 hours p.w. 32.4k - 48.6k

Secretaresse Merkenrechtpraktijk

Amsterdam 32-40 hours p.w. 38.9k - 58.3k

Office Manager

Amstelveen / Remote 40k - 55k

Assistant Underwriter Liability

Amsterdam / Remote 32-40 hours p.w. 30k - 55k

Notarieel Medewerker

AMSTERDAM 32-40 hours p.w. 29.8k - 36.3k

Juridisch Secretaresse

Amsterdam / Remote 32-40 hours p.w. 38.4k - 45.6k

Medior Juridisch Secretaresse Ondernemingsrecht

Amsterdam / Remote 40 hours p.w.

Marketing & Communication Manager

Amsterdam / Remote 32-40 hours p.w. 50k - 60k

Letselschadebehandelaar AVB

Rotterdam / Remote 24-40 hours p.w. 40k - 60k

Claims Analyst

Amsterdam / Remote 36-40 hours p.w. 45k - 53k

Senior Secretaresse Commercial

Amsterdam 32 hours p.w. 30k - 36k

Juridisch Secretarieel Medewerker

Amsterdam 32-40 hours p.w. 60k - 80k

Content (communicatie) Coördinator en/nl

Amsterdam 32-40 hours p.w.

Recruitment Coördinator

Amstelveen 40 hours p.w. 32.9k - 55.6k

Marketing en Communicatie Adviseur

Amsterdam 32-40 hours p.w. 50k - 60k

Financial Controller

Amsterdam 32-40 hours p.w. 45.4k - 58.3k

Recruitment Consultant

Rotterdam 32-40 hours p.w. ~60k

Junior Underwriter Marine

Rotterdam 32-40 hours p.w. ~45k

Underwriting Assistant

Den Haag 32-40 hours p.w. 36k - 43.2k

Notarieel Medewerker Onroerend Goed

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