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Every organisation goes through growth phases where change is crucial. With our expertise in job placement, we understand the importance of careful recruitment during these phases. Duuw specialises in professionals with the right experience and mindset to help your organisation flourish.


Our Support professionals contribute proactively to the challenges that every period of growth involves. These professionals organise, build and support the process of growth, based on their passion for change.

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A period of growth is extra challenging for a Finance professional. Their pragmatic approach allows these candidates to improve the administrative and financial processes, creating more control and connectivity with the business.

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Each phase is suited to a different type of leader. Our Executive candidates consciously strive for change and lay down the foundation for growth and professionalisation in your organisation. They set things in motion and take responsibility.

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DUUW has a clear vision of what good recruitment and selection looks like. We understand the importance in having a complete understanding of the situation (the work environment, colleagues, culture, strategy) and translate this into a strong profile. DUUW guarantees extensive search and an excellent selection process. Sustainable matches are our driving force, not the quick deal.

We want to know everything about the context of the profile. Together we agree on which criteria are important and how we weigh them against each other.
We perform an extensive network search, check references and present candidates with a careful explanation.
We take over the planning for the conversations and attend the conversations if desired. After the discussions, we list the results and help you make a decision.
We have information from the candidate to make a suitable offer. After placement, we keep in touch with you and the candidate and help make the onboarding a success.
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