Attentive recruitment.

Sustainable matches drive us, not the quick deal. We've worked this way since 2012 and have made 521 matches so far.

Our values Meet the team

Our values

DUUW arose from the need to be able to offer an attentive recruitment process in a market where 'the quick deal' is often central. Thanks to our extensive experience in recruitment, we know from both sides how important this process is. Our strength is in paying attention to people, the role and the context.


We work with people and that requires genuine attention. Our mission is to support growth and change in organisations, for this we go into depth with both the candidate and the client. We believe - and know - that an attentive recruitment process leads to the best results.


We are honest in the opportunities we see and help where we can. Perfect match? We've achieved our goal when a candidate is genuinely and long-term satisfied in his, her or their new role: the sustainable match.


To be successful together requires commitment and determination from all parties. We see it as our responsibility to help candidates and clients make a good selection, whilst always remaining critical.

Inclusion M/F/🏳️‍🌈

We're an intermediary and employer that offers equal chances for everybody. We work with clients that provide a working environment in which employees are treated honestly and with respect, and where discrimination in all forms is not tolerated.

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Team Duuw

Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience in recruitment. Together they share the conviction that Scale-Up People make the difference in times of growth and change.

Recruitment Consultant


Bart Taams

My passion lies in discovering potential and connecting people with jobs they love. It's a beautiful process, from the initial personal introduction to the final placement.
Recruitment Consultant


Denise Molenaar

I love the challenge to help people find their dream job and at the same time proposing the right candidate to the client. This always puts a big smile on my face!
Team Manager


Desirée Engelsman

Working with people is my passion. It inspires me every day to be able to make a difference for our candidates and clients. Building lasting relationships is important in this.
Managing Partner

de Graaf

Ellen de Graaf

Optimally functioning professionals are crucial for organisations that want to move forward. Finding the right professional is the result of a careful process: It still makes me happy if I can contribute to this.
Team Lead Finance


Hidde Ebels

There is nothing quite like an ideal match. I feel fortunate to be able to help great organizations in discovering exceptional talent. Creating meaningful connections is what makes me tick.
Director / Owner


Hylke Oldenboom

Few things are as satisfying as a sustainable match. I consider myself fortunate that we can help organisations find good people. And the impact of a happy work-life balance cannot be underestimated.
Account Assistant


Ikram Moumen

I get a lot of satisfaction from the right match between the individual, the position and organisation. I guide the process from the beginning to the end. Due to the varied activities, no two days are the same.


Nargis Sarghandoy

Recruitment Consultant

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our team?

Want to join our team?

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